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How-To NOTES & Best Practice Articles

This page provides a number of useful primers, instructions, and process related best practices for using Gnosis and other Connect4 related services.

Gnosis Email & Marketing Communications

General Data Management Tasks

  • Importing Data & Linking External Data Sources
    Gnosis provides some simple but powerful tools to import data and optionally, link the Gnosis Database to live or extracted external data sources.
  • Refreshing & Managing External Linked Data
    Gnosis provides the capability to link to external data sources - even when such sources are not generally available on-line.  This article provides information on how to link off-line external data, keep it current by refreshing it with extracts, and, how to even set attributes in the external data.

Non-Profit Management Tasks

  • Managing Contributions
    Using Gnosis to receive and acknowledge contributions, and manage financial posting to your accounting system.

Enquiry/Feedback Management & Issue Tracking

Connect4's Exchange Email Hosting Service

Managing Credit Card transactions via