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Log Support Ticket
Please refer to the support fee and policy information on this page before logging a support call.

View Support Ticket History
Obtain a list of support tickets previously logged by you.

Gnosis Download Resources
Gnosis software and documentation available for download (registered users only).

Gnosis End User Help Articles
Visit here to view the new list of helpful articles and how-to's for Gnosis users.

Gnosis Screen Cast Training Modules
A collection of screen cast video presentations introducing various areas of Gnosis system operation. Note: This resource is only available to Registered Gnosis Users.

End User Support for Gnosis

A Connect4 Gnosis subscription is bundled with different support options depending on the subscribed edition.

Standard Gnosis subscriptions are bundled with a predefined number of support incidents included each month.  This is how we provide such low cost subscription packages - you only pay for what you use.  Additional support options are always available as an add-on to your standard Gnosis subscription agreement. For details, see the support options table below.

If the support limit for any given month is reached, additional support incidents will be billed to the credit card on file for your Gnosis subscription as provided for in your Gnosis subscription agreement. Support charges listed here are billed in US dollars.


Connect4 provides unlimited support to a primary nominated contact for the first 30 days for Bronze subscriptions; and 60 days for Silver, Gold and Platinum subscriptions. Thereafter, ongoing support is provided as defined in your selected package level and as shown below:

Support Item Bronze  Silver  Gold    Platinum
Web/Email support (3-6 hour average response time, 8 business hour maximum response time) Pay per use Pay per use Pay per use 4 / month
Telephone support (1-4 hour average response time, 8 business hour maximum response time) Pay per use Pay per use Pay per use 2 / month
Additional web/email support incidents $29/incident
Additional telephone support incidents $68/incident
Optional Add-on Support Packages
Support options listed below are available as an optional add-on for your subscription.
Five (5) additional Email Support incident pack - valid for 1 year from date of purchase. $116  -  ($23.20 per incident)
Five (5) additional Phone Support incident pack - valid for 1 year from date of purchase. $293  -  ($58.60 per incident)

Support Request Approval Control

Administrators for a Gnosis account may respond to and/or pre-approve support requests submitted by their users. This effectively allows organizations to use the Connect4 ticket tracking system to track and manage their internal support requests for Gnosis activity and to on-forward/approve requests to be handled by Connect4 support. Please log a support ticket to request this service. There is no charge for setting up this service.

Support Policy

Support Incident
A support incident is defined as a single support issue with a Gnosis subscription and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate parts. It is possible for one incident to span multiple communications, it is also possible for phone or electronic communication to include multiple incidents.

A support Incident is not Custom development or consulting or a problem directly caused by a software bug, documentation error, or unsupported feature. If the source of an incident is determined by Connect4 to be a bug or documentation error, the support call will not be considered to be an incident and you will not be charged. If you require custom development or consulting, Connect4 or one of its partners will be happy to provide an estimate.

Note that an incident is considered closed once a resolution was provided via phone call or sent via electronic mail. The incident will be automatically reopened when further input is received by the customer indicating that it has not been resolved.

Once an incident is accepted by Connect4 Support, resolution of the incident shall be defined by any one of the following:

  • The incident results in a reasonable solution.
  • The incident results in a reasonable workaround.
  • Connect4 has determined the incident is related to an unsupported feature or function.
  • Connect4 determines the incident is an enhancement request.

Bug Determination
Bug reports are taken very seriously and are escalated to development as soon as they are reproduced in-house. If the culprit is determined to be a bug, you will be told which version or hot fix it will be rectified in.