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SQL Designer Resources

SQL Designer Technical Summary
SQL Designer is a 100%.Net (1.1 and 2.0) component for you to include in your Winforms applications to enable end users to generate SQL.

An Overview of SQL Designer
The 10,000 foot view.

SQL Designer Screen Shots
Take a look at the SQL Designer user interface at work.

Pricing, Licensing & Purchase
SQL Designer is a royalty free, per developer licensed .Net component.

Try out SQL Designer. It is available for download as a fully functional component for a 45 day trial. The download also includes fully functional sample application and source for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 environments.



SQL Designer is a 100% .Net component to easily integrate into new and existing WinForms applications. Teamed up with your favorite end user reporting tool or for any other custom SQL query requirement, SQL Designer will put the power of flexible SQL Queries in the hands of your application users where it belongs and free up valuable IT time from the task of generating queries.

For those developing WebForms applications, we currently plan to release a WebUI QueryPanel for SQL Designer in 2007.

What Does It Do?

SQL Designer uses database schema definitions that represent the data structures in your database. These schema definitions then support the creation, editing and saving of SQL Query definitions. You may create any number of schema definitions using the graphical interface tools provided with SQL Designer and persist the designs to XML definition files.  SQL Designer also provides the UI components for schema building that you can place directly into your host application or, use our fully pre-built forms based interface.

With schemas created, you simply add SQL Designer's QueryPanel UI component into your application to provide the interface for users to create and/or modify query designs (return sets, criteria, or both). Query designs are also persisted to XML that may be handled by your application and stored in your database or at your option, loaded and saved directly on the file system.

Advanced functionality includes the ability to design queries to prompt users for time or context dependent query criteria and the ability to calculate and use dynamic conditions like 'is in last financial year', or, 'in last calendar quarter'.

The download includes a fully functional sample application and database. We think you'll find it the most versatile, full featured and reliable option available to support end user SQL query generation in your applications.

Additional Resources

For additional information, checkout the links to additional resources on the left hand sidebar.

We hope you find SQL Designer a useful addition to your development tool kit. If you have any input for us regarding the product, do share it with us!

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