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Your Technology Partner

Advanced, Friendly, Functional

No More Integration Hassles

At Connect4, we are not just a technology provider, but a technology partner. We ensure the seamless integration of your Gnosis database, your web site and your email system. Every step of the way we help you maximize the benefit you derive from the technology at your fingertips.

Read what some of our non-profit, faith-based and commercial customers have to say about their Gnosis database and about Connect4's quality of service and support.

Gnosis incorporates the latest software technology — invisibly — and provides the industry's most user-friendly interface.

Gnosis Pro, our intuitive, easy to use desktop application provides unparalleled, functionality at it's price point. By delivering the inherent benefits of desktop applications like Microsoft Office®, coupled with the benefits of an internet-based system, you get the best of powerful software combined with the no-hassle performance of a web-based application.

With Gnosis, you no longer have to upload, download, format, and export files between your different systems.

Gnosis is a fully-integrated solution. This means that it takes care of all of the integration hassles so that you don't have to!  It offers:

  • Relationship management

  • Financial management

  • Website management

  • Marketing & communications

  • Event management & ticketing

  • Facility rental & resource management

  • Reporting & analysis

  • Surveys & feedback management

Need help understanding how to evaluate and compare your options. Check out the whitepaper: Selecting Database Software for Small Non-Profits.

Got 5 minutes? Take in an overview of Gnosis and how it delivers the ultimate in user friendly integrated functionality for non-profits.

Developers & Web Designers


For developers, Gnosis provides an excellent platform to support custom solutions based on an extensible core of CRM, email, marketing communications and event management functionality.

For web designers, Gnosis provides an out-of-the-box solution to integrate a fully customizable database into your next web design project.

Build a business around delivering high quality solutions to non-profit, local government, candidates for political office, and small businesses, or devote some spare time to identifying potential opportunities.

Take a look at our Gnosis Affiliate Program and the different ways it can turbo charge your business, or, provide you with a source of additional income.