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GNOSIS Quick Links

Implementing Gnosis
Learn more about Gnosis, pricing and implementation

Gnosis Pro Screenshots
One of the many compelling reasons for choosing Gnosis -- Licenses for Gnosis Pro software are included in your subscription. Check out some Gnosis Pro screenshots here.

Gnosis For IT & Web Professionals

  • Web Professionals - Break through the value add barrier and data enable clients' web sites. more

  • Developers - Get a head start on your next custom development project.  Gnosis and the Business Solutions Framework (BSF) provides a rich environment to host your custom application. more


Gnosis - Powering Internet-Enabled Business Process

Gnosis embodies the latest technology to deliver chameleon like customization to fit hand in glove with the needs of almost any Non-Profit, Faith-based, Public Sector or Small Business organization. By serving these four markets, we are well positioned to help our clients leverage new solutions and realize results more effectively through a sharing of new ideas and approaches across these areas.

Based on a modular plug-n-play system, Connect4's Gnosis enables small to mid sized organizations to inexpensively implement custom designed solutions using "off the shelf" software-as-a-service based solutions.

Learn more about Gnosis, visit our new website at, or, view one of the following pages on this site for: