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One of the many compelling reasons for choosing Gnosis -- Licenses for Gnosis Pro software, our mega-friendly desktop software are included in your subscription! Check out some Gnosis Pro screenshots here.

Gnosis For Web Designers & Developers

  • Web Designers - Break through the value add barrier and data enable your clients' web sites. more

  • Developers - Get a head start on your next custom development project.  Gnosis and the Business Solutions Framework (BSF) provides a rich environment to host your custom application. more



Gnosis - A Head Start to Custom Development

A proven base for your next development project...

Gnosis is built on Connect4's Business Solutions Framework (BSF). It provides an excellent base to host custom development projects and delivers the answer to offering quality development projects at a reasonable price with a reasonable margin.

Gnosis is a simple, effective and powerful way to deliver rich functionality at a reasonable cost, while protecting your margins and generating ongoing residual income via monthly subscription fees via an SaaS solution.

Gnosis is a Microsoft.Net 2.0 application. It is already packaged as a completely functional environment and provides all of the plumbing and functionality to handle:

  • User security, access control and sensitive data encryption.
  • Windows client and Web page controls for data entry and business process functionality.
  • Fully integrated email and hardcopy mail merge communications capabilities with web integrated subscriptions management.
  • Fully integrated reporting engine with extensible schema management built in.

In addition to its basic functionality, Gnosis installs a web service on your client's web site to serve business data to Gnosis Pro - a rich windows client application that supports advanced database reporting, communication tasks, security management and much more.

Would you like to learn more about how Gnosis will supercharge your custom application development? Contact a partner support professional at

... or, call us at +1-408-404-1591 today to find out more.