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Gnosis Pro Screenshots
One of the many compelling reasons for choosing Gnosis -- Licenses for Gnosis Pro software, our mega-friendly desktop software are included in your subscription! Check out some Gnosis Pro screenshots here.

Gnosis For Web Designers & Developers 

  • Web Designers - Break through the value add barrier and data enable clients' web sites. more

  • Developers - Get a head start on your next custom development project.  Gnosis and the Business Solutions Framework (BSF) provides a rich environment to host your custom application. more








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Gnosis for Small Business

Supercharge your business with internet enabled processes...

Gnosis supports you in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your key business processes by enabling you to simply, quickly and inexpensively integrate a database with your web site and key business processes.

Typical reasons for a business to implement Gnosis include:

  • A database to manage information on customers, suppliers, affiliates and other stakeholders of your business.
  • Tracking and follow-up on leads, sales opportunities and contacts with prospects and customers.
  • To integrate records from your database into your web site and present users with options for viewing, processing and updating their information.
  • Communicate with your customers and/or stakeholders via email, newsletters and hardcopy communications, driven by information stored in your database.
  • Management customized processes such as bookings, resources and time scheduling and integrate those processes with other information both in your database and in other systems such as your accounting system.

In many cases a Gnosis system will meet your needs "out of the box" and you can be up and running within a couple of days. For more customized or complex tasks, you may need additional plug-ins to be created for you. Either way, its fast, simple and so much more cost effective than other approaches available to automate your business processes using Gnosis.

If you have an existing web site, Gnosis can add database integration and new functionality to your existing web presence.

Gnosis is much more than your average Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Contact a Gnosis Specialist to learn more, or, take Gnosis for a test drive.