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One of the many compelling reasons for choosing Gnosis -- Licenses for Gnosis Pro software, our mega-friendly desktop software are included in your subscription! Check out some Gnosis Pro screenshots here.

Gnosis For Web Designers & Developers

  • Web Designers - Break through the value add barrier and data enable your clients' web sites. more

  • Developers - Get a head start on your next custom development project.  Gnosis and the Business Solutions Framework (BSF) provides a rich environment to host your custom application. more



Implementing Gnosis

Gnosis is a software subscription service that provides a fully integrated database solution, custom tailored to meet your needs.

Based on a modular plug-in system, Gnosis is the ultimate software chameleon.  It's array of special purpose plug-in modules allows it to fit your process needs hand-in-glove.

An initial consultation with a Connect4 systems specialist will configure a Gnosis system to your exact needs, including a plan for loading all your existing data and training your personnel.

For more information on Gnosis and pricing for non-profits, please visit our sister site, .