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One of the many compelling reasons for choosing Gnosis -- Licenses for Gnosis Pro software, our mega-friendly desktop software are included in your subscription! Check out some Gnosis Pro screenshots here.

Gnosis For Web Designers & Developers

  • Web Designers - Break through the value add barrier and data enable your clients' web sites. more

  • Developers - Get a head start on your next custom development project.  Gnosis and the Business Solutions Framework (BSF) provides a rich environment to host your custom application. more



Gnosis Features
Gnosis is a subscription service. It delivers a full featured database management system, customized to each customer's particular needs, and managed remotely by a professional staff — all for one low monthly subscription fee.

Gnosis supports small to medium sized organizations with a set of robust, flexible, and agile capabilities that previously were available only to larger organizations.

It's flexible, scalable, and modular structure virtually guarantees you will be able to adapt to any future business need with the ability to upgrade or replace pieces of your solution as your needs change over time.

Acquaint yourself with the features summary below, or, review the full description of these features on the Gnosis Feature List page.

  • Small Business
    Is your Small business handicapped by the lack of a flexible, database system? Does your current software constrain your ability to expand, diversify or modify your business processes? Are you in need of more highly sophisticated software you thought you could not afford to buy or develop?

  • Non-Profit & Religious
    Have you looked at a several of the non-profit and donor management systems but desire more flexibility? Do you want to innovate but feel constrained by the capabilities of your existing software?

  • Political & Advocacy Campaigns
    If you're running for or currently occupying public office, are you in need of a flexible and capable but simple to use database system to track constituents, communications, issues, interactions, demographics as well as other capabilities?

  • Manage People Data
    Search, View, Add, Modify and manage individual records for all categories of people that interact with your organization.
  • Household Grouping
    Intelligently group individuals based on household membership and manage relationship information within households and between different households.
  • Manage Organization Data
    Search, View, Add, Modify and manage organization records. Link people to organizations, positions and locations.
  • Integrate with your Web Site
    Provide the capability for individuals and organizations to manage their own preferences, actions, and contact information via your web site. Gnosis integration with your existing website can be as easy as "drag and drop" to your web pages.
  • Outbound Communications
    Perform small, medium or large scale email and/or hard copy communication campaigns. Supports mail-merge and the ability to personalize both email and hard copy. Automatically manages email responses and bounce/invalidation actions.
  • Flexible Reporting
    Create custom reports incorporating data from any area of your database based on any criteria. Print or export reports to any format.
  • Custom Attributes
    Gnosis supports management of custom attributes - additional elements of data that you may add to person or organization records in your database at any time.
  • Teams Management
    Simplify the management of and communication with teams, including meeting management, agendas, minutes and distribution.
  • Issue Tracking System
    Use the Gnosis inbuilt issue tracking system to manage support tickets or other inbound issues from your customers.
  • Opportunity Management System
    A fully integrated opportunity management and tracking system, helps you manage your funnel of incoming opportunities and the communications associated with them.
  • Web based Administration Client
    Allows database users to view and update data from any web browser with an internet connection.

  • Gnosis Pro Windows Client
    Gnosis Pro, the rich windows based application that comes with Gnosis allows database users and administrators to manage communications with members, run detailed custom reports, and other tasks from their PC Desktop.