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VAR Affiliate

The VAR Affiliate option supports individuals and organizations who are involved in any of:

  1. Operating a consultancy business for one or more specific markets and wish to augment their solution capabilities with the latest Gnosis Technology. (Current practitioners who implement AppExchange solutions or equivalent open-source solutions from other suppliers may be particularly interested in the increased flexibility and capabilities of Gnosis technology).
  2. Operating a Web Site design and/or services business and wish to expand their offerings to include a customized Web 2.0 style of database functionality for their clients.
  3. Providing custom database development solutions and are looking for current technology on which to build specialized functionality for clients.

A VAR affiliate is responsible for the sale, planning, execution, and training on each new Gnosis system. The affiliate will— using Connect4’s tested processes and supporting documentation— plan and manage Gnosis implementations, deliver training for the organization’s users, and provide additional consulting services to help implement key processes within the context of the Gnosis solution.

To support you with planning, implementation and training, Connect4 will provide the following:

Planning & Implementation
  • Documentation that defines all standard Gnosis implementation and training processes.
  • Client deliverables templates that help set expectations with and define deliverables, for the client.
  • Instructor handbook for training
  • Student training exercise handouts
  • End-user getting started & modules documentation
Operations & Logistics Support
  • Management & Operations of all Gnosis Subscription Services
  • Up to three free Gnosis Subscription Services for you own internal operations, development and/or demonstration use.
  • Billing to you, or, at your option, direct to your clients for Gnosis Monthly Subscriptions
  • Incoming Support Call Management and routing via Connect4’s web site

VAR Affiliates are entitled to discounted Gnosis services and are billed monthly at the discounted rates for consumed services. If you elect to have us handle subscription billing to your clients, we issue you a monthly check for your margins derived from client subscriptions. The applicable discount rates are defined in the Affiliate Rewards Rate Card.