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Referral Affiliate

This basic entry-level option in the Affiliate program offers the participant financial rewards for connecting potential Gnosis user organizations with Connect4.

For the purposes of this program, a referral is considered to be the formal introduction of an organization to Connect4 whereby that introduction leads to the sale of a Gnosis Subscription Service to that organization within six months from the date of the referral.

A formal introduction is deemed to have been made when:

  1. the affiliate provides to Connect4 in written form, bona fide contact information for an IT decision maker or key influencer within the prospective organization;
  2. that organization has not within the previous six months initiated any communication directly with a Connect4 representative, and;
  3. the organization has not in the previous six months been introduced as a prospective Gnosis client by another affiliate or Connect4 personnel.

Referral rewards are paid from the combined value of initial implementation and initial consulting fees as specified in an executed Gnosis Subscription Agreement between Connect4 and the referred organization.

A formal introduction may be achieved through one of two mechanisms, each carrying a different level of financial reward:

  • Where you directly introduce a contact from the organization to Connect4 via email, or any other medium, connecting that person with a Connect4 sales associate and recommending a product demonstration.
  • Where you providing the name of a key influencer or decision maker and contact information within their organization where you believe they are a good candidate for a Gnosis system, however, you do not “introduce” the organization to Connect4 as a reference.

Level #1 (full introduction) provides a greater referral reward whereas level #2 (only identifying a prospect) provides a smaller reward.

Rewards are processed at the end of the month in which a qualifying Gnosis subscription agreement is executed with the referred organization. As Gnosis implementations commonly involve upwards of $4,000 to $8,000 in combined implementation and consulting services, you may expect to earn up to a few hundred dollars per successful referral.

For information on the rates of compensation, please refer to the Affiliate Rewards Rate Card.