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Program Overview

The pages in this area explain how the Gnosis Affiliate Program partners with independent consultants in order to design, sell, implement, train, and support solutions built on Gnosis technology and services.

The program is designed to support industry professionals and independent consultants who wish to utilize Gnosis as a cornerstone technology for their clients. Connect4 provides structured assistance to affiliates in pre-sales, sales and post-sales environments in order to help ensure the success of each affiliate engagement involving Gnosis products and services.

The program currently consists of three options. An affiliate may elect to participate in one or more of the following programs: 

  • Referral Affiliate
  • Sales Affiliate
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) Affiliate

Each option has its benefits, requirements for accreditation (except for #1), and responsibilities outlined in more detail in the following sections of this document.

Referral Affiliate Summary

The Referral Affiliate option provides a reward for individuals who identify organizations that may benefit from Gnosis products and services. On the successful completion of a sale, the referring affiliate earns a percentage of the sale’s initial proceeds.  Read More

Sales Affiliate Summary

The Sales Affiliate option is available to those who have a solid track record of sales or can demonstrate excellent comprehension and application of the sales process. For seasoned consultants and other professionals, this option sets the stage to sell an advanced set of database technology tools, processes and support services which are designed to empower organizations with internet-enabled and integrated database technologies.

A registered Sales Affiliate also may have access to the Connect4 lead pool – a list of targeted organizations ranging from “unqualified leads” to “hot” referrals.” Connect4 provides marketing, collateral, sales, and logistical support to assist in establishing relationships which lead to winning sales opportunities.  Read More

Value Added Reseller Summary

The VAR Affiliate option is aimed primarily at business and process consultants as well as those already providing IT-related business services. VAR Affiliates are trained and certified by Connect4. This option requires the candidate meet a prescribed level of knowledge and ability in order to be approved to implement and/or train on Gnosis systems.  VAR Affiliates may provide Gnosis-related products and services to their own clients as either a core product or as an ancillary part of a full service offering— and thereafter enjoy ongoing recurring revenue from each Gnosis subscription implemented.  Read More