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Affiliate Rewards Rate Card & Schedule

(V1.1, January 2008)


Connect4’s Gnosis Affiliate Program includes the following commissionable events; and options for utilizing additional resources from Connect4.

Referral Affiliate
Commissionable Event Commission Rate

Level 1 - Direct Introduction

6% of the contracted implementation fees

Level 2 - Name Referral Only

3% of the contracted implementation fees

Sales Affiliate

Where an affiliate is trained and approved to sell Gnosis on behalf of Connect4:

Commissionable Event Commission or Forfeiture Rate

Full Sales Commission

25 % of contracted implementation fee.

10 % of monthly subscription fees for the first year.*

5% of monthly subscription fees for subsequent years.*

Purchase of Lead Lists
(unqualified prospects)

$5 forfeit for each lead, plus 3% on successful sale.

Purchase of Prospect Lists
(qualified prospects)

$10 forfeit for each lead, plus 6% on successful sale.

Sales Engineer for Demonstration Support

$80 forfeit for each sales engineer supported session.

* Ongoing commissions are payable for as long as the affiliate qualifies with the minimum sales volume for the period.  Qualifying minimum sales volume is a running total average of one sale every three months based upon sales volume in the most recent twelve-month period.

VAR Affiliate

Connect4 provides volume based discounts to approved VAR affiliates as follows. Discounts are applied to Connect4’s current retail rates as published from time to time:

Discount Volume Level* Discount Rate

Level 1 – Up to 1 sale per quarter

30 %

Level 2 – 2 to 3 sales per quarter

35 %

Level 3 – 4 to 6 sales per quarter

40 %

Level 4 – 7 to 9 sales per quarter

45 %

Level 5 – 10 or more sales per quarter

50 %

* Sales volume for discount level purposes is calculated based on a running total average of new Gnosis Subscription agreement sales over the most recent twelve month period. Where the period of a new affiliate agreement is less than 12 months, the average is taken over the period of the agreement to date.